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From Eulogy To Joy

A heartfelt collection dealing with the grieving process

From Eulogy To Joy is a unique, autobiographical anthology. These moving and thought-provoking personal stories are shared from the heart and contain the words of people who are "experts" by virtue of having experienced grief firsthand in myriad situations: loss of children, siblings, parents, mates, relatives and friends through accidents, illness, suicide, murder and natural death. From Eulogy to Joy provides comfort and reassurance that grief is intensely individual and, as such, all responses are appropriate. This book unveils the revolutionary fact that, contrary to common belief, we never "get over" the death of someone close and actually never should. Rather, death is a life-transforming experience to "get through" and eventually "grow through" to a place of inner peace and renewed joy.

The pieces in From Eulogy To Joy are written by people from all walks of life, from the mundane to the magnificent. Among them are: Neale Donald Walsch, the New York Times best selling author of Conversations with God, Books I, II and III; Judy Belushi, who wrote Samurai Widow after the death of her husband John; and Dr. Rabbi Earl Grollman, author of Living When A Loved One Has Died and Living with Loss: Healing with Hope--A Jewish Perspective.