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July 7, 1999 - How To Be A Bitch* With Style

In late summer of 1998, the 150th anniversary of women’s rights was celebrated at Seneca Falls, New York. During the last century and a half, women gained the right to vote, to own land and work in professions that were formerly open solely to men. While great strides have been made, glaring inequities between the sexes still abound in the workplaces, courtrooms, schools and homes of our society. These differences are so deeply ingrained that upon close examination maybe we haven’t come such a long way, baby, after all. For instance, most everyone has noticed that when a man speaks his mind frankly and doggedly pursues his goals he is admirably assertive; when a woman does so, she is a ruthless bitch. Attitudes like this don’t seem to be going away any time soon, but rather persist despite the efforts of many people. In such a climate, the prospect of surviving and thriving optimally feels bleak to most of us. What’s a woman to do? In her ground breaking work

How to Be a Bitch* with Style

Dr. Vikki Ashley provides not only creative answers to this question, but also many in-depth strategies for transformative action. Subtitled “*Being in Total Control of Herself”, the material she provides in the book extends far beyond the now dime-a-dozen assertiveness training manuals which focus mainly on the conscious use of language. What she has written is nothing less than an exciting and inspiring autobiographical spiritual odyssey as well as a compendium of valuable metaphysical information and tools for self awareness and metamorphosis.

The format of “Bitch with Style” is twelve chapters which, unlike the familiar 12-step recovery programs, introduce us to an innovative12-step discovery process based in the ancient astrological principles of Being: I am; I have; I think; I feel; I create; I choose; We are; I desire; I seek; I build: I see; I know; the exploration and integration of which leads to “therefore I am”. Dr. Ashley’s style is at once street savvy and sophisticated. Each segment contains an illustrative anecdote from her life which reveals how she has effectively applied these seemingly lofty principles and practices in times of failure and success, pain and joy, tragedy and ecstasy. In addition, this well researched book contains a Bitch’s Book Bag, an informative toolkit to help us along as we join her on this meaningful and magical journey toward authentic Selfhood, incorporating the mundane and mystical as we create our realities. The good news is that when all is said and done, How to Be a Bitch with Style is ultimately not for women only, but rather for all of us who sincerely desire to enhance our own lives and that of others. I highly recommend this book and feel that it will be among the finest offerings of inspirational literature in the year 1999.

© Kristina Strom

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