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August 1, 1999 - A Teaching From The Dreamtime

A Teaching From the Dreamtime

The ageless woman, dressed in diaphanous white infused with gold and silver light, motioned for me to come closer to her. She was holding a copper plate that appeared to be about eighteen inches in diameter. As I walked nearer, I could see that it was delicately etched with intricate designs, accented by inlays of what appeared to be bronze and another metal I did not recognize. When at last I was standing before her, she began to speak.

"My daughter, my sister in the light and the wondrous beauty beyond the light, this is the shield of love. Over time, it has been misunderstood and misused by many who have been given the honor to wear and wield it. Many more, however, have enhanced their own lives and those of others by working properly with its energy. It is now your turn to participate in this tradition, a task you will perform for all of your remaining incarnate days."

I suddenly had a vision of looking out my kitchen window and, through a film of drizzling rain, seeing the shield propped up against a bush, all tarnished and neglected. I looked into the fathomless eyes of the wise one and, feeling shame and sorrow flood my being, slowly shook my head. There was no way I was worth of such an honor.

Aware of each image and thought flashing through my brain about how I had failed miserably at love, she smiled and gently said, "My dear, my dear, that is precisely why you must now don the shield. In the past, even many who have worn it have come as far as you have without it. For some time now, your love centers have been vibrating at a rate that, without protection, can become very dangerous to your physical vehicle on Earth."

What she was saying certainly rang true in the sense that I had been recently feeling hypersensitive in all of my interactions, to say nothing about feeling a numbness that overwhelmed me when I entertained even the thought of yet again giving my love and energy to another. All at once I felt tired and tearful. Unable to speak, I looked down at my feet.

She laughed softly and said, "And, at this point, I am afraid you donít have much choice in the matter. Here, let us commence the procedure of adornment."

My mind was whirling as I moved even closer to her and I felt a tingling sensation throughout my body. I was willing to take her word for what was going on--heaven knew I needed something these days. She moved her hands in a circular fashion over her shoulders and what seemed to me a physically impossible manner behind her back. I heard a slight popping sound and then she held the shield out toward me. I now saw that she had been wearing, not carrying, it.

From somewhere in my depths, a shout of silent refusal arose. As painful as my work with others had been, I had also experienced commensurate joy. No matter what the emotional cost, I did not want to be cut off from the range of feelings that create and characterize the human drama. How could I continue to do my heartfelt work if I could no longer relate to others by opening myself to them in the ways I always had? Nor did I want to go around wearing some damn piece of metal on my chest that, despite its exquisite beauty, looked incredibly heavy. Maybe I could protect my body, or physical vehicle as she called it, by taking up jogging, or at least by cutting back
on my various vices.

Her laughter got louder, and the intensity of the radiance surrounding her seemed to increase. She reminded me of a slender Santa in all white drag and, if she had evidence of one, her belly would have been shaking like that old proverbial bowl of jelly.

After a moment she composed herself, but still could not totally contain her mirth as she said, "Oh my child, no, no, no, no, no. You see, the center of the shield is comprised of a Neptunian metal that is permeable only by the purest manifestation of love. So, the shield will enable you to carry on with your work in a way you never have before, because from now on all of the energies you have been absorbing from others will glance off the shield and dissipate harmlessly into the universe. And when you do encounter it, you will receive the love and joy you so richly deserve through the protective membrane embedded in the shield. But enough of this talk. Now straighten your back--yes, thatís right. Now lift your arms up just a bit."

She moved toward me with the shield. I had the sense that my eyes were playing a trick on me because it seemed to leap from her hands onto my torso. The shield seemed to be alive for a second or two as it molded itself over my breasts and stomach. I glanced down and saw the metal merge magically with my body, its mysterious Neptunian center positioned directly over the area of where I think my heart chakra resides. The wise one then took my arms and moved them through the same pretzel-like gyrations she herself had done earlier, but this time in reverse motion. When she completed the exercise, I again looked down. I couldnít see the shield anymore. I looked up and she was gone.

A rare peace pervaded my entire being and I became vaguely aware of the blankets that were twisted around me. I opened my eyes and saw that it was 6:00 AM. I then awakened fully, but not without a sense of wonder.

Originally published in Vol. 2, No. 4 of the journal "Rainbow Bridge" in 1993.

© Kristina Strom

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